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Elmont and Sewanhaka High School Students Participate In International UN Conference


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Six students from Elmont Memorial High School and Sewanhaka High School participated in the Fifth Annual Global Student Videoconference at the United Nations in Manhattan.  The conference titled "Forever Free: Celebrating Emancipation" was attended by over 500 students from around the world.

20130319 091441Schools in Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, France and the United States shared presentations, had discussions and listened to scholars as part of a larger recognition and exploration of how the Trans-Atlantic slave trade still impacts the world today.

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“It was a great experience for our students to be at the UN”, noted Mr. Kohn.  “Our students participate in many national Model UN Conferences often taking top awards but they are seldom afforded the opportunity to be part of the United Nations. They are excited to be here.”

“My students and I had an amazing experience and learned a lot about the different countries views on slavery and emancipation”, said Mr. Sakowich of Sewanhaka High School.

Student participants were Kieran O'Rielly; Garrett Tracey; Rick Mathews of Sewanhaka High School and Michael Bediako; Darnell Marescot; Mykelle Richburg of Elmont Memorial High School

The UN trip was an initiative spearheaded by Elsy Mecklembourg-Guibert of EMG Health and Aubrey Phillips, former Elmont and Sewanhaka School Board Member and manager/editor of Elmont Online.

20130319 091454“Expanding awareness on matters of significant global consequence is central to the development of the whole person”, said Mecklemburg- Guibert.  “I am thrilled that the district was able to participate and that Elmont Online played such a central role in helping to facilitate this exciting learning experience for our youth.”

Elmont Memorial High School MUN is participating in the international Model UN Conference in Beijing, China this summer.

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