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communityElmont proudly represents people from one hundred and two countries who speak almost seventy-two languages and dialects. Parick Fenton, once said "Elmont - [is] a real town for real people." I add Elmont is a real town for all people.

Aubrey Phillips
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  • Education   ( 30 Articles )
    The Elmont Union Free School District and the Sewanhaka Central High School District provide public education services for approximately seventy-five hundred students.
  • OGS   ( 1 Articles )
    Various outreach services provided by Elmont and other community social services organizations
  • Political   ( 24 Articles )
    Keep track of what local, state and federal politicians are talking about.
  • Seniors   ( 1 Articles )
    Senior Housing, and Centers are available ...
  • Youth   ( 5 Articles )
    After School Programs conducted by several organizations are available.
  • Civic   ( 7 Articles )
    Civic Activity is organized around local Civcs under the umbrella of the Communty Coalition Counsel.
  • Religion   ( 1 Articles )

    Religion is a major part of Elmont Life.
  • Obituary   ( 13 Articles )
    Elmont Online notices of death usually with a short biographical account.
  • The Community Post   ( 1 Articles )
    The Community Post is The places where Elmont Online Guests can look in to our online mind.  Here our NODS to each other is on public display.   Of course you decide weather it's posted here by making your post public or for NODS Eyes Only.
  • Call to Action   ( 1 Articles )

    Call to Action

open letter-02

Today, we are talking to people about sustainable economic development, because we think it's important to show support for key issues that affect our community - like places in the Elmont for young professionals to live, shop and be entertained; like keeping families closer together and rebuilding the economic and social pillars of the community.

Eyes On ...

joe smith

Joe Smith, husband to aid of State Senator Dean Skelos (R), pled guilty to charges related to his attack on Iraq War veteran and small business owner Carl Achille, 30 of Elmont.

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