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Lots of Blattering from Zurich to Albany to Elmont

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band of ...Is corruption the inevitable byproduct of capitalism, consumerism, ambition and “the pursuit of happiness?”

You don’t have to be engaged in public life today to know that soccer corruption and power go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s the past president of the local youth soccer club making secret deals with the New York Cosmos, installing members to the club’s board of directors in the parking lot after board meetings; or Dean Skelos’ arrest and indictment for allegedly bribing, extorting and otherwise using his power as Majority Leader of the NY Senate to betray the people he was elected to serve; and now Sepp Blatter, FIFA President, resigning after “winning” reelection as chief cook and bottle washer of the embattled international soccer organization referred to in the media as an “organized crime ring.”

Sepp BlatterThe sad facts are unmistakable but the connections are shrouded in hush-hush. No, actually the connections are hidden in the gray triangle of what’s right, what’s legal and what the actors (culprits) can get away with. And what the actors can get away with is a function of the public’s apathy born of disgust.

For instance, 7th Senate District Senator Jack Martins received ten percent of the vote in 2014 from residents who will live in the shadow of the proposed NY Cosmos soccer stadium, yet he pursues with vigor the rejected plan. Why? Maybe, like the old television sitcom “Father Knows Best”, Jack knows best? Unlikely!

Senator-Jack-Martins-New-York-CosmosWhen Senator Dean Skelos of the 9th Senate District was at the funeral for NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu discussing with his son via telephone their plans to collect the allegedly extorted money from AbTech and others, clearly he was not acting on behalf of the roughly three hundred and seven thousand (307,356) residents of HIS newly gerrymandered senate district.

Thus the question: Is corruption the inevitable byproduct of ambition, capitalism, consumerism, and “the pursuit of happiness?”

Indeed it was Adam Smith who contended, “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” Yes, Capitalism is indeed the leveraging of “self-interest”, ambition if you will. But, today’s Bernie Madoffs, Dean Skelos’, Sheldon Silvers, Malcolm Smiths, and their class of humans, practice a form capitalism and sell consumerism that is nothing more than “the pursuit of happiness” and greed gone wild, a Machiavellian human as brute.

And, as we grow wearier, more cynical, and more apathetic, we create the Petri dish in which they, and the corruption they champion, multiply.

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