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Photo Credit: Vimeocdn.comThe results of the 2013 3rd LD election amidst efforts by Republican ‘poll watchers’ in Elmont and North Valley Stream to contest a number of voters exercising their right to vote as legal citizens of the United States, were not a surprise for the local residents, especially those who are familiar with the electoral process and in touch with the community.

The Republican (Tea Party) candidate typifies an emerging and disturbing phenomenon, faces analogous to mushrooms sprouting up amongst a population of wary but unconditionally vigilant and smart voters in Elmont and Nassau County as a whole.

In retrospect, we the voters of the 3rd LD faced an undeniable challenge in attempting to meet and talk to the ‘Republican selectee’ that ran in the legislative election.  Her ‘handlers’ totally calculated the roots and personality of their choice and thought victory was guaranteed if they split the Haitian constituency.   Their handpicked candidate, as a public servant, will act according to their mandates - in other words she would be given directives and orders.  Simply put the selectee:


  • will act as a candidate,
  • will not have any delegate powers and
  • will swear to remain totally in the dark or only in the distorted light of her handlers.

All this as her supporters suspend their intellect and hope against evidence that the fees and taxes will not hit their pockets hard in the months to come?

As minority voices are becoming more and more powerful in local and national elections, the underbelly of the Republican political class has employed a number of strategies to divide and discourage minority voting.  One method is development a deviously selfish scheme aimed at causing confusion and distrust among an otherwise unified voting community.  For instance, there was something quite new in the annals of local elections that recently occurred in the Elmont district whereas both the incumbent and the challenger for the 3rd LD legislative seat share similar cultural background, besides having more of the same friends or graduating from the neighborhood high schools.  Quite an intriguing plan, but luckily caught promptly by sets of keen minds.  This was a deliberately confusing action to cause diversion and more distrust among friends of both candidates. This is not to say that two African-American, two Spanish or two Canadians should always be on the same political turf and never challenge each another.  However in this case, this was purposely conceived by outsiders with chameleon like qualities and carried out by some misguided local adults and children.  By all account, it produced sensitivity in voters that questioned themselves as to:

  • What was going through the challenger’s brain? And
  • Whether they should even vote.

The latter being the worst case scenario.

To rumor false accounts about the incumbent was outrageous, proving beyond any doubt that had the challenger won, negative public statements of all kind would have been a constant occurrence including dangerously revolving lies and long standing consequences.

Did the challenger think about this?   Or did she lack knowledge of her people?   A people with an un-severed umbilical cord to a rich and glorious history of fighting for liberty and inalienable rights thanks to the memorable courage of such men named Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, Henry Christophe, Alexandre Pétion.   Those great heroes went as far as helping the American revolutionaries fight for their own liberation.

alonedanceTo those young and restless signees of the foolhardy “Community Alert” letter like Hervé (correction the accent is on the e), Chris, Jeffrey, Pierre - the rest of them being just ‘accessories’- you should now start educating yourself by reading and reading relentlessly.  Do not become scapegoats, followers and dummies.   You are being watched too.   Do not let yourself be used like others. Remember, the records remain.   In a few years, should you want to be in a political office, you would not want to be associate with those friends that signed that idiot’s manifesto – “Community Alert”.  A word of advice:  Practice friendship and trust among yourself and get to know your neighbors first hand.  Learn from the archives and the elders not interlopers.  

Selecting a challenger that used desperate personal attacks to potentially damage an incumbent, a brother, a friend who like you, recites the well known universal motto:  L’Union Fait La Force”, was a too strong of a miscalculated risk that led ultimately to a HARSH rebuke.
Voters will continue to cast their vote now that they are made aware of the costly actions of those aiming to divide communities.  Triumph prevailed because intelligent constituents sat together and realized that the novice challenger was too naïve to travel on this roadway. 

She was rejected, and left to dance a pathetically Bitter Konpa ... alone.

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+1 # Marsha Lambert 2013-11-15 12:02
Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than it does knowledge. This is typical of why voters are so often misled. This is racist politics at its best. Simply put, race is too often in the forefront when it comes to politics. Issues like the rampant voter fraud that the 3rd LD legislator takes part in and his habit of being invisible until election season roles around are those that get swept under the rug. More importantly, the legislator did nothing to save the 5th precinct and sided with Tom Suozzi out of all people; the same Tom Suozzi that taxed families like my own into foreclosure. There is nothing in the history books that says a Haitian woman cannot be a Republican. So brush the dust off of yours and get reading because the days of minorities confining themselves to the Democratic party are over. Let us not forget that the KKK was formed as a terrorism arm of the Democratic Party to stop the REPUBLICAN president who sought to end slavery. Keep reading because it seems like you missed and the rest of the democratic party must have skipped a few lines. Political parties are not about race so don't pat yourself on the back for joining the cycle of brainwash.
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