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Oh, but the children

IMG 1029Many of us may believe from the popular mythology that incumbent NYS Senator Jack Martins funds local schools in educationally meaningful ways. In fact Senator Martins allocated grant money totaling less than 1 percent of the annual budgets for the Sewanhaka Central High School District and the Elmont School Districts combined! Yes – this is true, but you wouldn’t know it if you talked with the boards of education and administrators for those districts. In fact, if you walk the taxpayer funded halls of Dutch Broadway School or use the track at Elmont Memorial High School you may be led to believe that Senator Martins singlehandedly funds the buildings.

For several months, the halls at Dutch Broadway Elementary School were adorned with photographs of Jack Martins as he took advantage of Dr. King’s birthday and the parents and children of our community in January, Blackish History if you will. At Elmont Memorial High School, the extraordinary large green and white on black sign emblazoned with bold print “Jack Martins” greets students and health conscious community residents as they use the athletic field and track. Interestingly, there are no such brazen signs erected on public property at other schools within the Sewanhaka District or the other towns falling under Martin's constituency.

So the question: Should we taxpayers support these districts with our increasingly difficult to earn tax dollars when school administrators and comatose school board members behave as if the less than one percent in grant money (our money) handed over to them by Senator Martins is educationally meaningful? Maybe it’s time “we the people” reduce our own taxes by not funding bonds and passing budgets of both districts. Perhaps it’s time we take matters into our hands and demand that the marginally legal, but overtly political ads hung on our buildings be removed in exchange for a shot at passing next year’s budget.

Oh, but the children – nonsense! The grant money doled out by Senator Martins is as child centered as the backdoor $80 tax issued to 29.1 mile-per-hour-driving, law abiding citizens by the county, in their newly crafted and highly unpopular “school safety speed zones”.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 October 2014 10:40 )

Letter to the Editor

It has been my distinct pleasure to have known and worked with Adam Haber over these past several years as Trustees of the Roslyn Board of Education. Adam has a positive energy with visionary ideas and practical solutions. Our school District has benefited from his perspectives and tenacity for striving for what is best and beneficial to all in our Community. To say the least, he gets things done!
Adam has a proven record of success in his professional career. But to me, it is his sense and sensitivity to critical issues facing Nassau County that make him uniquely qualified to serve as our next State Senator of the 7th District. He brings people along for a productive and meaningful journey. As an example, immediately following the devastation of SANDY, he along with his friends from ALL HANDS (an International Disaster Relief Organization) swiftly mobilized our community to collect food, clothing, medical, school and cleaning supplies for those suffering on our South Shore.  Together, with his direction so much was accomplished, and those of us that participated gained a higher level of appreciation for what we have. He has helped to make me a better citizen, School Board member and Community volunteer.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 July 2014 04:55 )

More Liquor for Elmont - ECSD Plan

Liquor and soccer for All

The mention of the word soccer in Elmont is enough to ignite firestorms.  Not because Elmont residents don’t like soccer but because it is being used as a political weapon against children, adults and even entities like school and library districts.  Apparently funding from state officials like Jack Martins is tied to “support for the Cosmos”.  After repeatedly noting “soccer” as a key component of the Sewanhaka Bond rollout, residents from New Hyde Park – Garden City Park to Elmont voted “NO”.

In contrast, several years ago, the Elmont community was asked to vote on a 23% school budget increase and they passed it.  Why, because it corrected a shortfall that adversely affected the delivery of academic instruction.

Senator Martins (R) and County Executive Ed Mangano (R), received accolades from the Cosmos on December 4, 2013, at a ceremony at the Nassau County Legislative Office Building.  During the ceremony, Martins (R) took the opportunity to blast Governor Cuomo and the NY Economic Development Corp, for what he believes are uncalled for delays in approving his plan for Cosmos at Belmont.  “The RFP is being reviewed since January 2013, which is approaching a year.  Personally, I think they have had enough time to review.  It’s time for them to make a decision”, said Martins.

Last Updated ( Monday, 09 December 2013 18:27 )


Photo Credit: Vimeocdn.comThe results of the 2013 3rd LD election amidst efforts by Republican ‘poll watchers’ in Elmont and North Valley Stream to contest a number of voters exercising their right to vote as legal citizens of the United States, were not a surprise for the local residents, especially those who are familiar with the electoral process and in touch with the community.

The Republican (Tea Party) candidate typifies an emerging and disturbing phenomenon, faces analogous to mushrooms sprouting up amongst a population of wary but unconditionally vigilant and smart voters in Elmont and Nassau County as a whole.

In retrospect, we the voters of the 3rd LD faced an undeniable challenge in attempting to meet and talk to the ‘Republican selectee’ that ran in the legislative election.  Her ‘handlers’ totally calculated the roots and personality of their choice and thought victory was guaranteed if they split the Haitian constituency.   Their handpicked candidate, as a public servant, will act according to their mandates - in other words she would be given directives and orders.  Simply put the selectee:

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 November 2013 12:26 )
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